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January 13, 2020

If you're like me, it's easy to get consumed by the ever growing tasks, projects, and objectives on your plate. This article really inspires me to stay focused on what matters most. Are You Pushing Yourself Too Hard at Work?

April 6, 2015

Concerning gifts and talents, it has often been said that if you don't use them, you will lose them. I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that if you use them, they can be a blessing. As a matter of fact, your gifts can be as much of a blessing to others as they are...

February 2, 2015

If you want to improve your public speaking skills, which should you focus on first, improving your substance or improving your style? The answer? Choose substance over style. The reason I say this is because if you start with substance as your foundation, you can easi...

January 23, 2015


If IQ is your Intelligence Quotient, and EQ is your Emotional Intelligence Quotient, which has a greater impact on your success, your IQ or your EQ?



Well it’s often been quoted that 85% of your success is a combination of your interpersonal and communication skills,...

January 20, 2015

Which season of the year has the greatest increase in house fires? Well if you are guessing the winter holiday season, you are correct. Why is that? Well firefighters and statistics reveal many reasons, but here are three of the most common:


  • An increase in Christma...

January 6, 2015


I created the acronym PERFECT as an easy way for me to remember the steps I need to take for having a perfect day. The acronym stands for Pray, Exercise, Replenish, Focus, Execute, Control, and Thank God. It helps me have productive days and I hope it can help you too...

December 23, 2014


See if you can solve this riddle. If there are 60 seconds in a minute, 3,600 seconds in an hour, and 86,400 seconds in a day, how many seconds are there in a year? The correct answer is 12. January 2nd, February 2nd... Gotcha! I was never known for great humor.


On a m...

December 22, 2014


Why is Apple so successful? One possible reason, their attention to detail!


Apple is well known for the fact that they pay attention to the tiniest details in their products. These details might seem small and insignificant to some, but they create pleasurable user ex...

December 19, 2014


If a pessimist sees the glass as half-full and an optimist sees the glass as half-empty, how does a pragmatist see it?



Here's the answer to the riddle. The pragmatist concludes that if the glass is full and you empty it to the halfway point, now it's half-empty. And...

November 2, 2014


The legendary retailer JC Penny profoundly said, "Show me a stock clerk who has goals, and I will show you a man who will make history; but show me a man who has no goals, and I will show you a stock clerk!"


A historical university study backs this up. The study found...

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Friday Foresight: Make Sure Your Workforce Is Trained!

July 8, 2016

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