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Tuesday Tip: Be Creative!

On a recent episode of The Colbert Report, President Obama talked about the importance of the spirit of entrepreneurship in immigrants.

Whether you are an immigrant starting a company in Silicon Valley, or an employee working for a company in Silicon Valley, everyone needs the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Your Tuesday Tip: Be Creative! If you are an employee, show the spirit of entrepreneurship by creating solutions to problems within your company. And if you are an entrepreneur, show that entrepreneur spirit by creating products and services that provide solutions to problems in our society.

JD Williams Personal Development can help you jump start your creative spirit. Our problem solving training will give your staff the tools they need to create solutions within your company. And our problem solving coaching program will help you identify problems that are hindering your progress toward your goals and help you develop creative solutions to solve them.

Contact us today for more details or scheduling.

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