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Wednesday Wisdom: Be Persistent!

Everyone has heard the old quote that ends with "Rest if you must, but don't you quit!".

Well Kobe Bryant just won't quit. His persistence in continuing toward his basketball goals and dreams has now landed him #3 on the all-time scoring list, surpassing even legendary Michael Jordan. Wow! The power of persistence.

Your Wednesday Wisdom: Be Persistent!

You've shared your great idea with your boss 3 times, and he or she still has not considered it? Be Persistent! You didn't pass that certification test the first time? Be Persistent! So what, you keep falling off the wagon and not hitting your health and fitness goal. Be Persistent! Be Persistent! Be Persistent!

One practical strategy for being persistent, have a "Contingency Plan". With any goal or plan you are working toward, Murphy's Laws will try and derail it. If you think of what can derail it and think of what you will do if and when it is derailed, you will stay ahead of the game. Just knowing that you have a "Plan B" will cause you to persist toward achieving your dreams regardless of the obstacles. Don't quit! Thanks for the example Kobe.

For assistance with this or any other personal productivity issues, contact us today!

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