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Tuesday Tip: Create Your Perfect Day with the Acronym PERFECT!

I created the acronym PERFECT as an easy way for me to remember the steps I need to take for having a perfect day. The acronym stands for Pray, Exercise, Replenish, Focus, Execute, Control, and Thank God. It helps me have productive days and I hope it can help you too. Here's how it works:

P - First, I PRAY and study so I can center my spirit for the day.

E - Second, I EXERCISE so I can boost my energy and combat stress.

R - Next I REPLENISH myself by freshening up and having breakfast.

F - Then I FOCUS my day by reviewing my goals and plans.

E - After that I EXECUTE my plan and initiate my tasks.

C -Throughout the day I CONTROL interruptions and avoid distractions.

T - Finally, I THANK GOD and prepare to repeat the process the next day.

Will the PERFECT acronym literally cause you to have a perfect day everyday? Probably not, right? But what it will do is cause you to have a blueprint to refer back to when you are building your day, and this blueprint can keep you from straying.

Can you imagine an engineer building a product without a blueprint? That's pretty scary. Or can you imagine a general contractor building a structure without a blueprint? That's an even scarier thought.

Well the results for you might be scary too if you have no blueprint and go about each day randomly. So feel free to tweak the PERFECT acronym to make it fit your life, and I hope it blesses you as it has blessed me.

For assistance with this and other personal productivity issues, contact us today!

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