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Improve Your Public Speaking Skills with PREP!

If you want to improve your public speaking skills, which should you focus on first, improving your substance or improving your style? The answer? Choose substance over style. The reason I say this is because if you start with substance as your foundation, you can easily improve style over time.

Your Monday Message: Improve Your Public Speaking Skills with PREP!

For example, if your substance is great but your delivery is poor, that’s not ideal, but you can make some easy adjustments to improve your style. But if your substance is poor and your delivery is great, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig, no matter how much lipstick you add, in the end it’s still a pig.

So what’s the conclusion? If you have to choose between substance or style, focus first on improving substance, because you can easily adjust style later.

One easy approach for preparing messages that have more substance is to use the acronym PREP.

P Make a Point

R Give a Reason for your point

E Give an Example to support your reason

P Reinforce your original Point

You will notice that I prepared this very message using PREP. First I made the point that substance is more important than style. Then I gave the reason that it is easier to improve style later. Then I followed up with an example of putting lipstick on a pig. And finally, I reiterated my original point that choosing to improve substance is most important. Voila! There you have it!

So remember, if you want to improve your public speaking, focus first on improving your substance, and use the PREP acronym to help you do so.

For assistance with this and other personal and professional productivity issues, contact us today!

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