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Employee Productivity Webinars

January is National Get Organized Month

On-site training

Organizational Skills Webinar: Getting your work and your work-space organized!


Personal Productivity Webinar:  

Identifying and replacing habits that destroy your productivity!

On-site training

Goal Setting and

Getting Things Done Webinar: Determining your goals and developing your strategic plans!

February is National Time Management Month


Time Management Webinar: 

Implementing your top priorities and maintaining your focus!


Work-Life Balance Webinar: 

Increasing your professional 

productivity by balancing the major categories of life!


Project Management Webinar:

Defining, planning, launching, managing, and completing your projects!

March is National Employee Spirit Month


Employee Motivation Webinar: Identifying and implementing techniques that motivate your employees!

10 Soft Skills You Need Pic.png

10 Soft Skills You Need Webinar: Identifying and mastering ten important skills that increase your success in the workplace!


Improving Self-Awareness Webinar: Improving workplace relationships by improving your self-control and mood management!

April is National Stress Awareness Month


Stress Management Webinar: 

Techniques for altering, avoiding, or accepting workplace stressors!


Managing Workplace Anxiety Webinar: Identifying your symptoms of increased workplace anxiety, and utilizing tools to manage it.


Change Management Webinar: Identifying your human response to workplace change, and  developing tools to manage it!

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month


Emotional Intelligence Webinar: Learning how to respond, instead of react, to difficult people and situations.


Managing Workplace Anxiety Webinar: Identifying your symptoms of increased workplace anxiety, and utilizing tools to manage it.


Anger Management Webinar: Identifying your triggers, and controlling and limiting workplace anger.

June is National Effective Communications Month


Public Speaking Webinar:

Learning how to overcome fear, and speak in public with clarity and confidence.


Business Writing Webinar:

Learning how to improve clarity and excellence in your written communication.


Assertiveness & Self-Confidence Webinar: Learning how to replace passive and aggressive communication with assertiveness.


Communication Strategies Webinar: Maximizing clear and concise communications with other individuals and teams

July is National Social Wellness Month


Customer Service Webinar:

Providing excellent service to internal and external customers.


Teamwork & Team Building Webinar:

Learning tools, tips, and techniques for becoming a better team player. 

August is National Win With Civility Month


Civility in the Workplace Webinar:

Understanding incivility and using strategies for controlling your behaviors and addressing others.


Conflict Resolution Webinar:

Learning how to create win/win outcomes to individual and group workplace conflicts.


Negotiation Skills Webinar:

Learning how to use leverage, creativity, and empathy to negotiate solutions.

September is National Self-Improvement Month


Interpersonal Skills Webinar:

Improving your people skills and harmonizing your personality with others.

10 Soft Skills You Need Pic.png

10 Soft Skills You Need Webinar:

Identifying and mastering 10 important soft-skills for workplace success and effectiveness.


Creative Problem Solving Webinar:

Identifying the root causes to problems and using strategies to choose the best solutions.


Leadership & Influence Webinar:

Developing the skills to lead and influence others, regardless of your title or position.

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month


Workplace Diversity Webinar:

Overcoming biases, and accepting and valuing differences in the workplace.


Office Politics for Managers Webinar:

Communicating and working with your peers and colleagues in a way that is mutually beneficial.

November is National Inspirational Role Models Month


Coaching & Mentoring Webinar:

Determining the coaching needs of your employees and developing your strategies.


Employee Motivation Webinar:

Identifying and addressing the individual and group motivation needs of your employees. 


Performance Management Webinar:

Collaborating with your employees to plan, implement, and manage their performance goals.


Delivering Constructive Criticism Webinar:

Giving employees feedback in way that is encourages, motivates, and inspires. 

December is National Write A Business Plan Month


Organizational Skills Webinar: Getting your work and your work-space organized!


Goal Setting and

Getting Things Done Webinar: Determining your goals and developing your strategic plans!


Critical Thinking Skills Webinar:

Analyzing the past, assessing the present, and planning for the future.

Why schedule a webinar?

It's been said that if you train your employees they might leave, but if you don't train them they might stay! Scheduling your employees for a JD Williams Training Employee Productivity Webinar is a worthwhile investment that will give them the tools they need to improve their performance and increase their productivity!

What are the webinar topic options?

We have scores of webinar topics to choose from, and all of our webinars are delivered in an easy to schedule 30 minute to 3 hour formats.  You can choose any webinar to be delivered at any part of the year, or if you prefer,  you can choose a webinar topic that fits the theme of the current month.


Webinar details?

All webinars can be chosen a la carte, or based on the theme of the current month.  All webinars can be customized, and additional topics are available.

What will you receive?

The webinar participants receive an easy to access webinar registration link, a live interactive webinar with JD Williams, an automated post-webinar satisfaction evaluation form, and an automated certificate of completion.  The client receives a detailed report of attendance, (attendees, login times, etc.), and an edited recording of the webinar.

What are the rates?

Our dynamic webinars range from $1,000 - $2,500 per webinar for up to 100 participants, based on the number of webinars booked in advance.  Call or email us now for more details and to lock in the best rates!


30 minute webinar: $1,000


1 hour webinar: $1,500

90 minute webinar: $1,750

2 hour webinar: $2,000

3 hour webinar: $2,500

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Motivating, Educating, and Elevating Your Workforce!


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