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Monday Message: Use Your Gifts!

Concerning gifts and talents, it has often been said that if you don't use them, you will lose them. I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that if you use them, they can be a blessing. As a matter of fact, your gifts can be as much of a blessing to others as they are to you.

Your Monday Message:Use Your Gifts!

I was inspired by a lady who used her gift of photography to enhance photos of foster children in order to increase their rates of adoption. She was interested in adopting, but as she strolled through photos of the kids, she noticed that the pictures were of poor quality, and made it difficult for her to make an emotional connection to the children. What did she do? She volunteered to take pictures of the children that showed the children's true and best qualities. Her efforts were a success. Her higher quality photos made it easier for parents to make their adoption decisions, and made a difference in the lives of the kids. We all have been given unique gifts and talents. So remember to use the gifts that God gave you, for when you do, they become a blessing to you and others as well.

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